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Guild Message of the Day - May 29th
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Proletariat News

By: Aldyn - March 6th

new site url

Please head over to and register.

  • Amairin: YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!
By: Aldyn - March 6th

New guild site

Our new guild site will be going live tomorrow. I will be migrating important threads from this site before it disappears. Please save any pictures and information you think you may want or need!

  • Aldyn: Also: I will be deleting threads as I move them. Don't panic!
  • Amairin: I may or may not have saved all the pictures of everyone for my personal use.
  • Ubiquity: It won't let me register. Says I don't have permission. It doesn't show me listed on the roster.
By: Ulrica - February 14th

Grats Siggi!!

Siggi is the proud new owner of our first mount drop off of Deathwing; Reins of the Blazing Drake.

  • Siggibear: And with a 57 half way down the rolls, i guess no one else wanted it too bad
  • Ubiquity: Grats Sig
  • Aldyn: Your wing is hiding the awesome pink bird waterfall crew.
By: Aldyn - February 9th

Heroic Yor'sahj Deaded

This is what I see every time I look at this fight.

  • Ubiquity: You're right. Awesome job guys.
By: Aldyn - February 7th

Heroic Ultraxion down!

We forgot to take a screenshot.

  • Ulrica: EPIC
  • Invectives: hahahah
  • Ubiquity: This is better than a screen shot.
  • Siggibear: I think we have found our new way of expressing boss kills
  • Amairin: Blizzard should hire you as their art director.
By: Ulrica - January 27th

Next on the chopping block .....

Yay for extracurricular activities!!

  • Ubiquity: Dragonslayer titles will ROCK
By: Ulrica - January 27th

Heroic Cho'gal down

Better late than never!

  • Mattress: It was all because I am now a female tauren.
  • Ubiquity: You're Udderly delightful, and not Cow-ardly at all, Matty!!!
  • Amairin: Looks like someone is trying to take Ulrica's Pun Queen title...
By: Ulrica - January 18th

Grats to Amairin!

He's a legend!!!

  • Aldyn: It would be nice if we could accomplish something epic without my dog having to shit on the floor.
  • Aldyn: Also, nice thong.
  • Ulrica: Leave it to our guild to gain notoriety in Org via a chef's hat, questionable rack, and a thong!
  • Amairin: That's how we roll. If it makes you feel better, I shit on the floor here in excitement.
  • Rishantii: He ate peanuts, too.
  • Aldyn: I'll admit, I pooped a bit too.
  • Ubiquity: In trade chat someone asked who had the legendary? Another person responded, a chick with big boobies and a chef's hat.
By: Aldyn - January 11th

1st heroic mode down.

We ate Morchok's babies. And his weird ass backwards named brother.

  • Ubiquity: Awesomeness... His babies deserve to be eaten!!!
  • Decrin: Congratulations Chainsawers!
By: Invectives - January 8th

The End of Deathwing's Madness, brought to you by Power Word: Chainsaw

2 heals, 1 tank, and 7 dps: Leetness.

  • Amairin: At least someone remembered to drop a Proletariat banner....
  • Invectives: Reppin the block ;D

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